Patented Design
The patented OBOCS system utilizes existing assets and processes already familiar to the crew without the need for external equipment, such as air blowers and/or assist vessels. This means the OBOCS system can be deployed and begin containing a spill immediately. The system's simplicity is what, in part, makes it so unique.

OBOCS features a compact design that easily installs on any vessel. The entire system can fit in a small container ready to connect to the vessel's existing air supply. Focused on time as well as crew safety, OBOCS engineers created a system which launches entirely from the vessel. There is no need for crew members to board smaller vessels to deploy the system or call for assist vessels.

Key Features

  • A system custom built for your vessel
  • Designed with a focus on safety
  • Compact so it can be tucked away on any vessel
  • Built not to interfere with ship operations
  • Easy to install and deploy
  • Uses the vessel's air supply
  • Easy to train personnel on the proper use and deployment of the systems
  • High-quality materials for durability
  • Allows for proactive action at the onset of a crisis
  • Allows for a quick response
  • Deployment requires only a few personnel, which helps lessen the risk of injury
  • Cost-effective means of containing oil