OBOCS - Onboard Oil Containment Systems

It is estimated that during an oil spill, 90 percent of oil loss occurs in the first four hours alone.

This makes the immediate response to the spill a race against the clock.



OnBoard Oil Containment Systems (OBOCS) offers the marine and oil and gas industries the capability to control an oil spill at the onset by having boom on the vessel in the shipping lane ready for immediate deployment. However, OBOCS' capabilities go well beyond just containing oil in shipping lanes. OBOCS offers solutions for all facets of operations — including handling, storage, and transfer operations.

Time is a critical factor during a spill, and OBOCS can make the difference between a contained spill and a costly massive cleanup. The streamlined processes allow for immediate action instead of waiting hours for response teams to arrive.

Importantly, the OBOCS design ensures adherence to safety standards, so that personnel can safely deploy systems during a crisis.

Because one-size does not fit all, OBOCS manufactures its products one client at a time. This attention to the client needs and specifications defines the company. Guided by a seven-member Advisory Board with leaders from the maritime and oil and gas industries, the company focuses on safety, rapid containment, and good outcomes during the early phases of a spill.

Award Winning System

  • Chosen for Idea Village’s ENERGYx program, a New Orleans incubator program for oil and gas start-up companies.
  • Recipient of Southeast Louisiana Energy Initiative's CAPITALx grant awarded during New Orleans Entrepreneur week
  • The North American Marine Environment Protection Association awarded OBOCS the 2016 Innovation Award.

The OBOCS Advantage

The system's simplicity is in part what makes it so unique.

The patented OBOCS system utilizes existing assets and processes already familiar to the crew without the need for external equipment, such as air blowers and hydraulic power packs. This means the OBOCS system can be deployed and begin containing a spill immediately.

OBOCS features a compact design that easily installs on any vessel. The entire system can fit in a small container ready to connect to the vessel's existing air supply. Focused on time as well as crew safety, OBOCS engineers created a system which launches entirely from the vessel. There is no need for crew members to board smaller vessels to deploy the system or call for assist vessels.

Key Features

  • A system custom built for your vessel
  • Designed with a focus on safety
  • Compact so it can be tucked away on any vessel
  • Built not to interfere with ship operations
  • Easy to install and deploy
  • Uses the vessel's air supply
  • Easy to train personnel on the proper use and deployment of the systems
  • High quality materials for durability
  • Allows for proactive action at the onset of a crisis
  • Allows for quick response
  • Deployment requires only a few personnel, which helps lessen the risk of injury
  • Cost-effective means of containing oil

The OBOCS System holds patents in the United States and internationally.

US Patent Nos: 9,487,926 | 9,512,585 | 9,206,575
US Notice of Allowance issued: 15/235,306

Australia: 2011270930
Mexico: 343760
Russia: 2582345

Our Team

Captain Michael Miller

Captain Michael MillerA professionally licensed mariner whose career includes navigating vessels on the Mississippi River and in the Gulf of Mexico, Captain Michael Miller is the founder of OBOCS and the Vice President of the Company. During his 30-year career, he has witnessed the environmental impact of oil spills and the problematic race against the clock in terms of mobilization, deployment, and clean up. The constant challenge is not having the right resources to combat the spill and the length of time it takes to mobilize a response. Recognizing that solutions must be immediate, Captain Miller created a boom system that addresses the void he saw within his industry. His knowledge of vessels, crew operations, and marine transportation logistics served as the vision for the OBOCS product.

Julie Kuchta

Julie KuchtaAs an experienced attorney and professional with expertise in the marine and energy industries, Julie Kuchta serves as President of OBOCS. Ms. Kuchta holds an MBA from Loyola University New Orleans and a JD from Loyola Law School. Since joining OBOCS, she has led the research and development of the oil boom containment prototype. She has also successfully established proof of concept and is heavily involved in the marketing of the product and the company. Ms. Kuchta is a former board member of the Mariner's Club of the Port of New Orleans, and the Associated Builders and Contractors/ New Orleans, Bayou Chapter. She is also a member of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), and Pink Petro.